Everything was very organized. You will board a small boat to take you to the larger Legacy one. All very exciting! When you board, you are given your room key and then told lunch will soon be served. I had a Deluxe room on the upper deck, which I really liked. A/C worked great. Hot shower. Plumbing worked well.

It was a bit more expensive and as a solo traveler, probably didn't need to spend that much anyways. The Legacy was a great Plan B!!!!! And honestly, I would now tell you to consider it a Plan A after my experience there! I had dealt with quite a few operators of these cruises and did not get good feelings about any of them....that is until I met Maria, at Halong Bay Legends, one of the Legacy's authorized sellers. I will write another review for her at their TA site, but for now, let me just say, CONTACT DAVID TRAN at Easytours24h (he is selfless, genuine, and will work within your budget to give you the best experience you can afford, while not trying to make personal gains on the sale....I experienced this from her with something specific that happened and because of it, I trusted her when she told me that the Legacy would be a great choice for me, even though it was a new company that not many sales agents were recommending quite yet due to "newness"). Ok, more on David later in another review. I want to review the Legacy now. :)


After a lot of confusion on who to go with for the halong bay tour checked out a few and finally spoke to Easytours24h.com. We were picked up from our Hanoi hotel and taken by Minibus to Halong Bay. The journey there and back is not a lot of fun. It takes about 4and a half hours and some of the roads are very bumpy and we were all pleased to get off the Minibus. The tour guide came with us on the Minibus and also on the cruise and he was excellent. He spoke good English and explained everything to us.

There were 20 of us on the junk and everything was laid on for us and we all had a great time. The cabins were good and the food and entertainment was excellent. The staff were excellent and made sure we had a wonderful cruise and I thoroughly recommend Legacy cruise and Easytours24h.

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