About us


Established in the early 2010, Easytours24h belong to VIETLAND TOURISM & MEDIA., JSC and we are a young company in the travel market. Nevertheless, with an never-ending effort of all employees and staffs in the company to pursue the goal of customer satisfaction, Easytours Travel has been gaining trust and affection of thousands of domestic and foreign tourists. Every individual in our company shows great enthusiasm and creativity in their work and always tries to please all the customers.

Our policy of product and service diversification with special focus on quality as well as customer satisfaction has contributed to an increasing number of clients trusting in Easytours Travel's brand name .We always bare in mind that supports from customers are the biggest motivation and also the most important factor of our brand name 's increasing eminence in Vietnam as well as all over the world .

To achieve our goal, we always keep pursuing the policy of high-quality services that matches the following criteria

  • To affirm our commitments to customers
  • To guarantee customers selective and diversified products and services
  • To guarantee customers reasonable price
  • To guarantee customers professional, enthusiastic and thoughtful service style
  • Together with our persistent attempt to meet the previously mentioned criteria, Easytours Travel have a strong belief that our clients will be best satisfied with the highest-quality services and the most impressive trips .


1. Package tour

This is among the major fields of our company since the first days of establishment. With our reputation and practical experience, we have successfully organized more than 50 domestic tourism programs departed daily for thousands of domestic and international travelers. Our programs are of numerous different types, such as sightseeing, visiting historical places, adventure travel, discovery travel, relaxing in high-class resorts and so forth. Easytours travel has been highly appreciated by customers for the service quality, price and the diverse and attractiveness of our programs.

2. Hotel booking service

With a regular cooperation in hotel-booking with more than 400 hotels and resorts across the country. Easytous travel can counsel customers on the hotels that best suit their purpose and ability to pay (with a lower price than when booking directly with the hotel).

3. Flight ticket service

As a level 1 co-agency of the two airlines Vietnam Airlines and Pacific Airlines and as ticket offices of many foreign airlines such as Cathay Pacific, Laos Airlines, China Airlines, ... Eassytours Travel can offer cheap price air routes; check and keep seats online; return tickets in office and deliver tickets upon request.

4. Visa and passport service

We can provide customers with sufficient information and guidance on the legal procedures according to the circulars and official documents of the Vietnamese Immigration Department .Besides, we can counsel on problems and questions that customers encounter during the process of applying for passport- and visa- renewing and extending in Hanoi and other provinces over the country.

5. Transport service

With a bus fleet of 4- to 45-seat, modern and high-quality vehicles, Easytours Travel has the capacity of satisfying diverse demands of customers on car rental and other transport services.

6. Meeting and Conference organizing

We offer package service or partial service for the following tasks: pick up service, getting visa at the airport; meeting rooms, seminar; party, snack or beverage during break time, organizing music and fashion shows for the conference ...


1. Diverse and unique products

With the verified prestige brands, Easytours Travel is always active in exploring and creating the unique and high-quality products for customers. We believe that our bank of diversified and always refreshed tourism products will bring to customers a lot of different, exciting and convenient choices.

2. Travel programs professionally and creatively designed at the individual request of customers

You have many different demands? You do not like the periodic trips following planned programs? You want to have a trip that fit your hobby, financial situation and time? Just relax and you will get what you want! With a staff full of creativity and professionalism, we will design a distinctive travel program that ideally fits your own conditions.

3. Dedicated and enthusiastic customer service

Easytours Travel always respects the values in each trip of customers. Being regularly and methodologically trained to improve profession skills, our staffs always have keen understanding of customer needs , and are always ready to listen to the sincere comments from customers regarding the quality of service in order to continuously improve and perfect our products. Every customer will be satisfied with the dedicated and caring service during each trip..

4. Reasonable price

Since the founding, our company has established strong relationships with the hotel service, passenger transportation and other services providers across the whole region of Indochina. This allows us to meet the increasing needs of tourists by competitive price and the highest ethical standards.

5. Bringing to tourists relaxing and useful holidays

With the acumen and creativeness in developing tourism programs, we always bring to customers a balance between traveling and relaxing in each visiting . Moreover, by having professional guides with extensive knowledge of destinations and full of dedication, Easytours Travel will definitely satisfy tourists with holidays of meaningfulness and usefulness.